A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. But if even 15 minutes is hard to find, practice self-care and mindfulness during your daily routine. (It’s one reason we love mindful eating!).

Your shower is one of the few times a day when you’re alone, without distraction. It’s the perfect opportunity for a mindful ritual. Follow this exercise and find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

A Mindful Shower

As you get in the shower, close your eyes. Take five deep breaths. State your mantra: “I am here. I am present.”

While you shower, keep your eyes closed. Ignoring sight heightens your other senses. Your shower is a safe space. You know where everything is without needing to look. Use your other senses and your mantra to keep you present.

Start with touch. How does the water feel? Is the temperature comforting or refreshing? How does the body wash feel against your skin? How does your scalp feel as you massage shampoo into your hair? Breathe deeply as you focus on these sensations.

Turn to your sense of smell. What does the room smell like? Do the products you use smell energizing or relaxing? Notice how these scents make your body and mind feel. If your mind wanders off, state your mantra, and bring your thoughts back to the senses.

Finally, tune into the sounds. Listen to the water as it rushes out of the showerhead, onto your body, and finally drains away. Is there anything else you can hear? Name any other sounds, but don’t judge them. Continue to breathe deeply and listen to the sound of your breath.

When you’ve finished, stand still and take five more deep breaths. Feel the water run over you as you repeat your mantra: “I am here. I am present.”

You can be still, close your eyes, repeat your mantra, and take deep breaths whenever you need to calm yourself and get grounded throughout the day.