A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. But if even 15 minutes is hard to find, practice self-care and mindfulness during your daily routine! (It’s one reason we love mindful eating!).

Today, turn a walk (whether it’s to the office, to pick your kids up from school, or a break from your desk) into a mindful ritual. Follow this exercise to find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

A Mindful Walk

Stand up and go outside (if you can’t go outside, find somewhere spacious). Inhale and stretch your body tall. Exhale as you release. Close your eyes. Do a mental scan through your body: how does each body part feel? Tight? Relaxed? Tense? Open? Don’t judge: just acknowledge. Open your eyes.

Start to walk. As you move, bring your focus to your steps and breath. Can you sync them together? Use your senses to acknowledge your surroundings — the feeling of the air, the sight of trees or cars, the sound of your footsteps. If your mind travels off, bring it back to your breath and steps. If you need help focusing, count your steps. As you breathe and walk, express gratitude for your ability to strengthen body and mind with this mindful movement.

When you reach your destination or run out of time, pause. Close your eyes. Feel your breath run through your body. Do another mental body scan: what has this mindful movement shifted within you? Take five deep breaths. Give gratitude to yourself for nourishing your body and mind this way.