After a summer full of fun flavors, new Smoothies, and hacks to keep cool, we’re ready to cozy up in our sweaters and blankets and embrace the fall weather. Here’s what we’ve been cooking up in August, and some things to look forward to this fall!

What’s On The Menu?

This cozy & comforting duo has fall written all over it! Reintroducing…

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie
Creamy pumpkin and warm, fragrant spices in a heart-healthy smoothie.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Grain Bowl
Toasty Brussels sprouts elevate this protein-packed quinoa bowl.

Stay tuned to learn when you can add them to your box!

Splendid Spotlight

Nicole's Advice for Staying Nourished During Busy Days

With fall right around the corner, finding the time and energy to stay properly nourished during busy days can be tricky. Nicole shares her top tips for staying healthy during the day's busiest moments.

Meet SIMPLi Quinoa

If you’ve had one of our Grain Bowls, you know we love our Quinoa here at Splendid Spoon. Hello, plant-based protein! The benefits are vast. But where does our Quinoa come from? We want to take you behind our bowls to introduce you to SIMPLi, our Quinoa supplier! We sat down with the team at SIMPLi to get to know their team, their process, and how their Quinoa travels from their farms to our tables!

What We’re Cooking

Got 5 Minutes and 1 Ingredient? These meal hacks are for you.

What’s better than a refreshing drink on a warm summer day? Mix one of our Immunity Shots with your favorite seltzer.

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