Although we are approaching Halloween, plant-based candy isn’t the only thing on our minds. This October, we’ve found ourselves bewitched by enchanting recipes and magical new developments.

What’s On The Menu?

New Ordering Experience

We deeply value customer feedback and are SO excited to announce that one of the most requested features is being added to your ordering experience.

We heard you loud and clear: you want the flexibility to fill up your Splendid box with the exact meals you love, in the exact quantities you need for your busy week.
As of November 1st, you will be able to adjust your weekly subscription to include ANY number of Smoothies, Soup & Grain Bowls, and Noodles! Learn more about how to completely customize your Splendid deliveries!

Save The Date: Mother Honestly Start to Flourish Summit 11/4

Join Splendid Spoon founder Nicole Centeno, the extended Splendid Spoon community, and other like-minded women and caregivers at the Mother Honestly Start to Flourish Summit. During this empowering event, we will tackle the issues facing modern-day working families and work towards a brighter future.

Reserve your spot!

Splendid Spotlight

Event Recap: Splendid Spoon Take The Day Off, powered by Mother Honestly

Splendid Spoon Founder Nicole Centeno, shared her struggles to set boundaries at a recent Mother Honestly event, “Take The Day Off—Food, Focus, and Boundary Setting.”

“I was inspired to create more space for myself and for other working parents like myself by taking meal planning, cooking and healthfulness off of the to-do list. And yet, in the process of creating boundaries for my work, my ambition and this solution, I had this inner voice telling me I was being selfish,” she confessed. “It’s hard battling the feeling of selfishness even as you know it’s an important step in boundary setting.” Learn more about boundary setting here

World Mental Health Day

At Splendid Spoon, we know the importance of prioritizing both your physical and mental health. In honor of World Mental Health Day, we partnered with Shirin, certified life coach and Life Alchemist behind @wholeheartedcoaching. Watch Now to learn about Shirin’s simple but powerful affirmations for when you need a little extra self-love.

5 Ways a Dietitian Stays Fueled During Busy Moments

Splendid Spoon Registered Dietitian, Johane Filemon, certainly has a full plate. Johane can often be found with a toddler in one hand and a Splendid Spoon smoothie in another. Learn how she balances her five adorable little ones with her own self-care.

Los Sabores Deliciosos of Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrate the rich and vibrant flavors of Hispanic Heritage Month with Stephanie of @thisisavocado_ as she pays tribute to her favorite Latinx ingredients in a Traditional Salvadoran Guatemalan Breakfast. Watch Now

What We’re Cooking

In-Season This Spooky Season: “Witches Brew” Green Matcha Latte

Every powerful witch knows that the key element of any potion is the freshest, most potent ingredients. The Splendid Coven agrees. Although the toes of a tortoise and bellybutton of a three-eyed butterfly are not plant-based, our latest concoction is made of something even more bewitching. With the mystical healing properties of matcha and only two ingredients, our latte hack is all coven, no oven. Will it grant you eternal youth? Who’s to say? All we know is that the ”Witches Brew” Green Matcha Latte will put a spell on you.