Creating a wellness ritual, daily schedule, or habit goals are a great first step. But what happens when your routine changes, or gets disrupted? Life gets busy. We’ve all gone through the ebbs and flows of crazy schedules – and schedule changes. We’re here to help. Today, we’re going to discuss balance and tips that help us feel confident in making choices when our schedules are out of whack.

When you’re out of your comfort zone, ask yourself - what are the things that ground you and make you feel like yourself? Are there ways to implement those things into your current day? If not, know that it’s okay to give yourself the space to be, and revisit getting back into your routine.

Prep for Success

Prepping your day in whatever small ways will help you feel that you have better control over the day-to-day activities

  • Prepping food, this can be cooking meals beforehand or even doing just mise-en-place to make for quicker cooking time when it comes to mealtime
  • Waking up earlier to plan your day and make any calendar adjustments
  • Planning when you’ll have time for yourself during the day - is there a spot where you can fit in a 15 min walk, a morning meditation or a nighttime read?

It's also OK if your schedule gets derailed and life feels like a mess sometimes. That stress is temporary – know that you're doing your best.

Make Routines into Rituals

Routines can feel mundane with no end in sight while rituals are mindful practices that help ground oneself.

Routine: a regular course of procedure; habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure.

Ritual: a ceremonial act or action; an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.

Both are regularly repeated actions. However, a routine is a means to an end, while a ritual is a non-essential action, focussed on mindfulness and meditation.

Balancing Act

We know that choosing whole foods is the right move. But Nicole, our Founder and CO-CEO has an amazing tip to help keep that balance between whole foods and cravings (remember – no food is a “bad” food!)

Nicole’s top tip is to say YES!

If your body is yelling that it wants a favorite or a comfort food – say yes to that. Honor yourself, your body, and say yes to your craving, while also saying yes to a healthy option alongside. Say yes to a bag of chips AND a green juice. Say yes to a bit of a pastry at an office party AND an apple as a morning snack.

Taking each moment as an opportunity to practice balance will help us reach that healthy eating balance long-term. Consistency in these choices will both nourish us and become second nature, so making quick decisions when busy or on-the-go will be easy as pie (AND a salad on the side).

Here at Splendid Spoon, we’re proud to offer nutritious whole foods conveniently delivered right to your door, making healthy choices a breeze. Get started today! Questions? Email us at [email protected].