Grains have a long, rich history in many cultures around the world. As we bring them to your table, our founder, Nicole, weighs in on the importance they’ve served in her life and how you, too, can benefit from adding them to your diet.  

I love grains - brown rice, quinoa, sorghum, and wild rice are my faves. Grains have been a staple in diets throughout Asia, South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean region of Europe for thousands of years. The grain-rich diets in the Mediterranean and Japan have been extensively studied for their effect on longevity and disease prevention.

But - grains are on the no-no list for so many diets now. Are they really healthy? Grains are just the latest in our long history of demonizing specific ingredients in the name of ‘health and wellness.’ Coffee, fruit, fat, and carbs have all been on this list before. The reality is, every whole ingredient has benefits and every whole ingredient has some risk. Coffee is rich in antioxidants but it also stimulates the adrenal gland, fruit is high in phytonutrients but also contains sugar, carbohydrates are a beautifully efficient form of energy but if they are not bound by fiber they can cause spikes in blood sugar.

Let’s clear things up with grains. Yes, there are compounds in grains - namely lectins and phytic acid - that can be difficult to digest for people with sensitivity to these compounds. Soaking grains, sprouting them, and allowing them adequate cook time, degrades most of these compounds. There are also LOADS of studies that show just how healthy diets with whole grains are.

And let’s not forget the cultural importance of whole grains as well. My dad is Filipino and grains are part of our family identity. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who served rice with everything -- it soaked up our vegetable sabao (soup), cooled down pungent and spicy sauces, and was cooked to the point of delectable explosion in various congees. Rice stretched a meal so there was always an extra place at the table for guests, it filled the room with the aroma of togetherness, and it comforted me when I was home sick with a cold.

Whole grains kept my ancestors lean, energized, and disease-free before the temptations of fast food and packaged snacks. Whole grains plus protein, veggies, and aromatic sauce are a magic combination found in virtually every cuisine around the world. I’m so proud to bring our Splendid versions to you now. Our grain bowls keep me full without spiking blood sugar, and because I can use them as a veg-heavy base or side dish for my family, I can stretch one meal into two. Our mission is to transform your busiest moments into opportunities for nourishment. I hope our grain bowls become a new kind of comfort food for you.

Ready your forks!!

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