Our Cleanse Day helps you hit reset every week. It’s our more approachable method to intermittent fasting (IF), which is proven to encourage weight loss, protect against disease, improve brain health, and remove waste material from cells.

Why Cleanse?

IF stresses the body through deprivation. That’s a good thing! Exposing cells to this type of stress improves the cells’ and body’s ability to better handle stress in the future. Studies illustrate the range health benefits on a biological level, such as reducing inflammation and insulin resistance, and increasing brain hormones.

IF also offers the important benefit of overall calorie reduction. Simply put: regular fasting results in lower calories consumed. Combining our weekly Soup Cleanse with our Breakfasts and Lunches is a practical way to start and maintain an IF program.

Why Soup Cleanse?

IF is a sequence that cycles between eating sensibly and eating low-calorie foods (or nothing). We believe that one day a week of low-calorie fasting with our Cleanse is a pattern that’s realistic for most people.

Our soups are low in sugar and high in fiber (the average drinkable soup contains 7 grams of fiber) to help you feel fuller with fewer calories, and prevent spikes in blood sugar during the fasting day.

How to Soup Cleanse

1 day: 4 drinkables & 1 bowl.

Drinkables can be enjoyed out of the bottle chilled or hot. Simmer on stove top or heat in a microwave-friendly mug for 2 minutes.

It doesn’t matter what day you do the Cleanse: pick one that fits your schedule, whether it’s the first day of the week, halfway through, or at the end. Try to find a day when you can slow down a little (and if you prefer the Drinkables heated, a day you’re near a microwave or stove!). And try to Cleanse on the same day each week; consistency is an important step in creating healthy habits.

Begin your Cleanse morning with water + lemon and a meditation or mindfulness practice (just a moment to acknowledge what you’re grateful for, or a longer seated meditation). Coffee or tea is fine, but no milk or sugar today (and once you get the hang of it, experiment with cutting back here too!)! Allow 2 hours between each meal. During breaks have a glass or two of herbal tea or water.

Enjoy your Soup Cleanse meals in this order (each bottle is marked with its category, and enjoy the Bowl for dinner!):

Start: Energize with complex carbs & healthy fats

Sustain: Nourishes and hydrates throughout the day

Sustain: Nourishes and hydrates throughout the day

Dinner Bowl: Calms and satisfies at the end of the day

Nightcap: Prepares body for rest

Avoid alcohol and opt for a lighter workout. This is a day to be kind to yourself! Try to get some extra rest and do something that feels good for your body and mind, whether that’s a walk outside, taking a bath, or pausing to take a few deep breaths before you get up.

Tips & Tricks

If you feel hungry, fatigued, or headache-y during the Cleanse Day, take a break and listen to your body: if you need more sustenance, do it. Our go-to snacks are raw fruits or veggies with nut butter or a handful of nuts and seeds. And always remember to hydrate! It’s super important to drink lots of water. If you get bored of water, sip some herbal tea or sparkling!