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Dessert and Snack Time Just Got

Our new line of better-for-you desserts and snacks will satisfy your sweet tooth and power you through any 2pm slumps.

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Introducing our Desserts and Snacks line

We teamed up with Urban Remedy to bring you a healthier spin on desserts and snacks. It’s all the flavor you love from a dessert or snack without the questionable ingredients you don’t.

SunSquares package
Sun Squares

A healthier take on the classic peanut butter cup.

Superfood Chaga Protein Bar
Superfood Chaga Protein Bar

A low-sugar, high-protein, superfood-filled bar.

Matcha Energy Protein Bar
Matcha Energy Protein Bar

An energizing power bar with greens galore.

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Recovery Shot Recovery Shot Recovery Shot
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We have been searching for the very best snacks to bring to our community, and we've finally found them! A deliciously decadent sweet and two energizing bars. Loaded with superfoods and crave-able flavor, we can't wait for you to taste them!

Nicole Centeno

Founder and co-CEO

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Better For You Bites


Sun Squares - Cacao powder

Unlike cocoa powder, which is highly processed and roasted, cacao powder retains the nutritionally dense, superfood benefits of the cacao seed.

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Superfood Chaga Protein Bar - Chaga mushrooms

These fungi which grow on birch trees in colder climates, have been used for centuries and celebrated for their immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory properties.

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Matcha Energy Protein Bar - Matcha

Made with finely ground Japanese green tea leaves, matcha has a distinctly vegetal, slightly bitter taste and contains a high concentration of antioxidants.

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A belief system, not a tagline

We partnered with Urban Remedy because of our shared mission to cultivate healthy habits through plant-based food and clean ingredients. Neka, the founder of Urban Remedy, talks about the brand and its evolution as part of her passion for health and living a lifestyle with the mantra, “food is healing.”

Eat consciously, live vibrantly

Every ingredient is chosen based on its healing properties – from salts and oils to produce and sweeteners. And quality is never compromised. By applying ancient wisdom to modern-day clean eating, Urban Remedy empowers you to be vibrantly healthy and live your best life.

Healing people and the planet

Good food is also good to the planet. Everything is organic, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. Urban Remedy strives to make each offering low glycemic, anti-inflammatory food. All packaging is earth-friendly, too – 100% recycled and recyclable. All ingredients come from nearby farms who practice organic, sustainable farming methods. Sourcing locally not only ensures the freshest, most flavorful product, but also supports the environment (smaller carbon footprint!) and neighboring communities.

Explore Our Other Extras

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Recovery Shot bottle and fruits
Recovery Shot

An invigorating juice blend formulated to enhance exercise recovery, promote performance, & alleviate muscle soreness.

Detox Shot bottle and fruits
Detox Shot

A cleansing elixir, with antioxidant-rich kale & aloe to flush toxins away.

Wellness Shot bottle and fruits
Wellness Shot

An awakening cure-all, with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. To keep the metabolism strong.

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