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No artificial sweeteners
Low Sodium

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Healthy meals with zero prep, delivered to your door.

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Choose from one of our 4 plans and customize your delivery from 50+ meals

Splendid Box

Never meal prep again

We deliver ready made meals straight to your doorstep. Never meal prep again.

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You're in control. Meals twice a month, once a month? It's up to you.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
+ Reset

For those looking for all of their daily meals plus a one-day soup reset to get things started.

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Breakfast, Lunch + Reset

Breakfast, Lunch + Reset

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Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Fuel your week with smoothies, soups, grain bowls and noodles, delivered ready to eat.

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Breakfast + Lunch

Breakfast + Lunch

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Highly recommend Splendid Spoon!

“Delicious soups and bowls. Incredible smoothies! Ingredients are very healthy with a wide variety to suit every palate. I love the automatic portion control, and the ability to grab and go delicious meals to suit my busy lifestyle.”

Charlene M.

Brooklyn, NY

A must-have for part of a plant-based life!

“I began using the service in January 2020 after my wife raved about it. The food is tasty, healthy and there is plenty of variety. In 5 months, I’ve incorporated Splendid Spoon into my life 4-5 days/week and I feel healthier and also dropped 12 pounds - all part of healthy, plant-based living.”

Andrew, T.

Baltimore, MD

Healthy food for busy people.

“I feel so much better knowing I don't have to stress about getting complete nutrition on a vegetarian diet! I have lost 20 lbs since switching.”

Abigail M.

Houston, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

After checkout, you can choose from our 50+ meals and customize your order every week. In your account, you can always update your ingredient avoidances and even select flavors you’d never like to receive.

You can skip or cancel your deliveries as needed. You can also try our non-subscription option, the On-Demand Box which you can order here.

We are a plant-based wellness brand built on the idea that just a few small changes can create a lasting impact on your health. We believe in supporting your quest for a simple wellness routine that establishes sustainable habits. To keep your busy schedule effortless we offer ready-to-eat meals packed with plant-based nourishment. Splendid Spoon is a dairy, and gluten-free wellness program that is SOUPER easy to follow. Our plans are designed to kickstart healthy habits so you can ditch the sugary breakfast or processed takeout lunch. We take the guesswork out of how to keep yourself well-nourished and satisfied throughout the workweek.

Our plan options are:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset - For those looking for all of their daily meals plus a one-day soup reset to get things started.
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Reset - Get ready to kickstart your healthy habits with 15 nutritious, plant-based meals: 5 smoothies, 5 bowls, and our signature 1-day Reset program.
  • Breakfast + Lunch - 5 protein-packed smoothies and 5 veggie-filled bowls delivered weekly to power routine. Choose from over 50+ plant-based meals.
  • Breakfast - 5 protein-packed smoothies delivered weekly, to power your AM routine. Choose from our low-sugar, banana-free, or protein-packed options.
  • Lunch - 5 veggie-filled bowls delivered weekly to power lunch routine. Choose from our low-sodium, high-fiber, or protein-packed options.

After your first delivery, you’re able to customize your plan and edit the number of meals for each mealtime.

  • Breakfast (5 smoothies): help you start your day with nourishment and calm. They’re the right choice to satisfy hunger, boost nutritional intake, and kickstart metabolism. Our smoothies are significantly lower in sugar than your standard smoothies and are rich in protein and healthy fats.
  • Lunch (5 grain/soup bowls): take the stress and uncertainty out of “what’s for lunch today?” Ready-to-eat and loaded with veggies, these feel-good meals are filling; which boosts your nutritional intake, and helps curb afternoon snacking.
  • Dinner (5 noodle bowls): provide a nourishing end to your stressful day. Ready-to-eat and loaded with herbs and spices, these gluten-free noodles are truly satisfying; which promotes your satiety and fiber intake.
  • Reset (5 light soups): Go for a full day of souping! Enjoy only soups for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two light soup snacks - in any order throughout the day, with plenty of water in between. Or, space out eating the light soups throughout the week for an extra plant-based meal or snack when you need it. Heated up or chilled!

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