Save Time, Eat Well, Feel Your Best.

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Save Time, Eat Well, Feel Your Best.

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We make it easy to eat healthy

Nutrient-dense meals developed with dietitians

Free of gluten, dairy & added sugars

Always ready-to-eat to save you time

100% Plant-based

Crave-able, plant-based meals

Delivered to your door weekly.

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We’re on a mission to make it easy to live a healthy life.

We partner with chefs and nutritionists to ensure every meal has the right mix of protein, fiber-rich complex carbs, and healthy fats. The best part? It's all ready-made.

Meet Our Tasty Menu

Choose from 50 ready-to-eat options including smoothies, soups, grain & noodle bowls.

Change and swap meals after checkout!

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Hear from our Spoon Crew

"Plant-based meals to your door, entrees so good, I never felt like I was missing out on anything."

“A tasty way to learn to love your veggies and find new ways to enjoy them in a super convenient way.”

"Over the years, I've tried different meal delivery services and Splendid Spoon is by far my favorite."

"The plant-based meal subscription service makes healthy eating crazy easy with a huge selection of fruit- and veggie-packed smoothies, soup and grain bowls, noodle bowls."

"...Perfect for someone like me who all of a sudden felt overwhelmed by the prospect of all the cooking I have to do in quarantine."