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Wellness Shot bottle
Wellness Shot bottle

Straight From Mother
Nature's Medicine Cabinet

Wellness Shots are an easy way to boost
nutrition and immunity in one sip.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aids in digestion and improves energy
  • Supports a strong immune system

Your New Front-Line of Defense

Our new Wellness Shot is straight from Mother Nature's medicine cabinet,
and ready to defend when you are:

Feeling under the weather (stop
that scratch in your throat!)

Need an extra boost of energy in the A.M.

Have a case of post-lunch slump
(ginger is great for digestion!)

Powered By Plants

Gluten-Free  |  No Added Sugar


A natural cure all, ginger boosts your immune system, fights inflammation, relieves nausea, aids in digestion and improves brain function.


Oregano Extract

Rich in bacteria and inflammation-fighting compounds, oregano extract is a powerful, antioxidant-rich herb.


Organic, Cold-Pressed Orange Juice

Nature's best anti-inflammatory, full of vitamin C it provides potent antioxidants that may help to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.


Organic, Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice

Known as a detoxifier, lemon juice provides antioxidants and citric acid which promotes natural detoxification processes of the liver.

Bottle size comparison

Enjoy 3 ounces
of plant-powered
wellness today!