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Red Curry Noodles

Coconut-rich curry simmered with sweet potatoes and a squeeze of lime.

Coconut Milk

Rich in electrolytes to aid hydration.


An immunity superhero.

Sweet Potato

Vitamin C rich, your immune system will thank you.

Meal Facts

Plant-Based  |  Gluten-Free  |
  No Added Sugar

Curries start as a rich paste of herbs, chilies, and spices and then are simmered in coconut milk to develop a sweet & spicy flavor.

In Chinese culture, the noodle is an important part of tradition. On birthdays, longevity noodles are eaten and the length of the noodle is used to represent long life.

In traditional Thai cooking, chefs add up to 20 different varieties of red chillies to create the vibrant color red curry paste is well-known for.

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