Hidden Greens Smoothie

The protein shake, reimagined with sweet and creamy nut butters.


Chock-full of iron & folic acid to support energy & cellular function


Boasts 7x more vitamin C than an orange

Almond Butter

Filled with healthy fats to support brain health

About Our Smoothies

Plant-Based  |  Gluten-Free  |
  No Artificial Sweeteners

Powdered Chlorella in a bowl and on a spoon

Chlorella, a type of green algae, is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids (plus vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants).

Powdered Moringa in a bowl surrounded by the plant

Moringa is the unsung hero of the superfood world with 7x more vitamin C than an orange and 15x more potassium than a banana.

Powdered cinnamon on a table next to sticks of whole cinnamon

Cinnamon not only helps keep blood sugar in check, but is also rich in antioxidants to protect from oxidative damage.

Easy Prep for Busy Schedules

Splendid Spoon meals are ready in minutes, giving you more time for what’s most important to you.

Separation is natural, shake it up!

Remove cap and enjoy!

If frozen, let defrost at room temperature, shaking frequently. Place in fridge once defrosted.

Can be one or two servings depending on hunger.

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