Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl

A savory & satiating bowl with gut-balancing kimchi, RightRice® (90% veg!) & a turmeric tofu scramble.


High in protein to deliver essential amino acids


Fights inflammation & boosts immunity


Powers your day with plant-based protein

About Our Soup & Grain Bowls

Plant-Based  |  Gluten-Free  |
  No Artificial Sweeteners

RightRice® and Splendid Spoon Kimchi Bowl together

RightRice®, who we partnered with to create this bowl, is made with more than 90% veggies, delivering 10g of complete, plant-based protein and 5g of fiber in every serving.

Sinto Kimchi founder, Chef HyunJoo

Meet Sinto Kimchi, a family owned business in San Francisco who makes our fresh kimchi. Chef HyunJoo built the company around recipes she learned from her grandmother & the saying “sinto buri” which means “body and soil cannot be separated.”

Great Wall of China

Originating in China, tofu-making was first recorded during the Chinese Han dynasty about 2,000 years ago. Since then, tofu has become a staple ingredient in many countries.

Easy Prep for Busy Schedules

Splendid Spoon meals require no ovens or blenders so you can focus on keeping your day running smoothly

Remove lid & seal, then tent the lid over the bowl.

Microwave for 2-4 minutes, stirring midway through.


Pour into a saucepan & heat on the stove until warmed through.

If frozen, let defrost in fridge overnight.

Can be one or two servings depending on hunger.

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