The 30 Day


Maybe you've heard there's an international sporting event called the Olympics underway. Not able to make it to Rio? Take this chance to unleash your own inner Olympian with our 30 Day Challenge.

Four weeks of spooning establishes a true connection between your intentions and your habits to reveal a stronger body, a more peaceful mind, and ownership of your well-being. Not to mention, provide a much needed energy boost during this last month of summer.

We're here to help you establish repeatable habits so wellness becomes second nature. Plant Yourself!

The 30 Day Challenge

Splendid Spoon's Nicole Chaszar souping with family

The 30 Day Challenge

The Challenge is 4 WEEKS of our Program - designed to reduce calories and increase satiety, helping you feel your best and reach your wellness goals.

Ten total meals each week, delivered right to your door
1 Day a Week: Soup Cleanse.
5 Days a Week: Spoon Swap.

$305 (one-time charge)*
That's 20% off our Weekly Program

*Please note, due to the significant discount of the 30 Day Challenge, we are unable to provide refunds on any part of your order.

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