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Choose from plans starting with 7, 14, and 21 meals and then customize to your needs

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How It Works

Pick the box size that works for you

Choose the size that fits your life - whether you are just starting out, or going all-out plants. Plans start at 7, 14 and 21 meals per week. Meals start at $9.99.

Pick the box size that works for you

Fill with flavors you'll love

Choose from over 50 pre-made Smoothies, Bowls, and Dishes and more to satisfy your cravings for flavor-forward nourishment. Our meals are 100% plant-based and free of gluten, dairy and artificial sugar.

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Enjoy whenever, wherever

Pre-portioned and easy to keep in fridge or freezer. 0% prep-work, 100% ready when you are.

Smoothies and grain bowls

Get into a healthy rhythm

Discover new favorites and change deliveries — all based on your unique habits. Skip or cancel anytime.

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Let’s Spoon!

Choose a meal plan to power your routine.