How it Works

Eat Great. Save Time. Feel (& look) Amazing. We combine the power of plants, the science of slow cooking & nutrient bioavailability and the proven health benefits of intermittent fasting to design a formula that easily fits into your daily life. Our advisory board includes a registered dietitian, a specialist on energy homeostasis, and a professional chef who work with us to create recipes that leave you satisfied and energized. Our plans are customizable, and suitable for those on an elimination program, a sugar detox, or paleo diet.

This Week's Menu

  • Carrot Ginger Chia

    with mango & flax seeds
  • Raspberry Cacao Smoothie

    with coconut & rose water
  • Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

    with acai & vanilla
  • Ab&J Smoothie

    with banana & baobab
  • Blackberry Basil

    with chia seeds & dates

Splendid Spoon Breakfasts help you start your day with nourishment and calm. They’re the right choice to satisfy hunger, boost nutritional intake, and kickstart metabolism. Our smoothies are significantly lower in sugar, and are rich in protein and healthy fats.

What Arrives Every Week:

What to do:

  • 5 days a week: enjoy our smoothies for breakfast.
  • Ways to sip your smoothies:
    • Drink as-is. Take it out the fridge and start sipping. The texture will be more grainy or chewy as we include bits of nuts, seeds and cacao.
    • Blend it up. Throw the smoothie in the blender for a few seconds. The texture will be super smooth and you can add your favorite ingredients.
    • Warm it up. Many of our smoothies are beautiful when warmed up. Pour the smoothie into a mug and heat for two minutes. Stir, then sip.

This Week's Menu

  • Leek & Turnip Chowder

    with celeriac & parsley
  • Garden Minestrone

    with zucchini & basil
  • Beans & Greens

    with spinach & bok choy
  • Mexican Tomato

    with quinoa & ancho chili
  • Green Split Pea

    with tarragon & basil

Splendid Spoon Lunches take the stress and uncertainty out of “what’s for lunch today?” Delicious and satisfying, they decrease your overall caloric consumption and increase your nutritional intake.

Bonus: each bowl contains 3+ servings of whole vegetables.

What Arrives Every Week:

  • Five plant-based bowls, already prepared, and delivered right to your door.

What to do:

  • 5 days a week: enjoy our hearty, plant-based bowls for lunch.

This Week's Menu

  • Fennel Consommé

    nightcap: prepares your body for rest
  • Pumpkin Pear Hempseed

    sustain: nourishes + hydrates throughout the day
  • Butternut Turmeric

    sustain: nourishes + hydrates throughout the day
  • Parsnip Apple

    start: energize with complex carbs + healthy fats
  • Red Lentil Dal

    with cumin & rosemary

Hit that reset button every week. The Soup Cleanse is our version of the intermittent fast, proven to encourage weight loss, protect against disease, improve brain health, and remove waste material from cells.

What Arrives Every Week:

  • Four drinkable soups, and one plant-based bowl, already prepared and delivered right to your door.

What to do:

  • 1 day a week: revive your body with 1 full day of Splendid Spoon.

The Program 2.0 is our flagship plan, comprised of Breakfast, Lunch and Soup Cleanse. Looking for a fool-proof wellness plan that improves both body and mind, keeping you fitter, stronger, and more mindful? You’ve found it.

What Arrives Every Week:

  • Breakfast (five smoothies), Lunch (five bowls) & Soup Cleanse (four drinkable soups and one bowl); that’s 15 total meals, already prepared, and delivered right to your door.

What to do:

  • 5 Days a Week: Breakfast.
  • 5 Days a Week: Lunch.
  • 1 Day a Week: Soup Cleanse.
  • 1 Day a week: Wander. Pause, appreciate your dedication, and let yourself wander. Allowing yourself to eat without restraint is an important part of the process, helping you become more aware of the choices and changes you make.

Every week, we share two plant-based recipes from our friends: less than 30 minutes of hands-on time, minimal cookware, and confirmed in-house to be deliciously Splendid. Head to your account and hit Dinner Recipes to find them.

Try to give yourself at least 3 hours to digest before bed, and drink a big glass of water or herbal tea afterwards to stay hydrated!

If you’re eating out or having a special meal with family and friends, enjoy it! Know that your Splendid meals will help get you back on track the next day: balance, not restriction, is always our goal.

Beyond the body, we provide the mindfulness training and support to increase energy, elevate mood, and decrease stress.

With every plan you also receive:

  • Splendid How-To: Our tips on how and when to enjoy everything in your delivery.
  • Weekly Meditation: Make your lunch an active meditation with a mindful eating practice.
  • Splendid-Approved Dinner Recipes: Simple, plant-based recipes to make your evenings nourishing and stress-free.