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We’ll help you feel good about food again.

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“I started cooking vegan soups for myself when I was pregnant with my first son and struggling to find nourishment. Simple ingredients, lots of veggies, and always satisfying, Splendid Spoon is designed to help you get in touch with your healthiest body.

My hope is that our ready-to-eat, plant-based meal plans will help you reconnect to the power of good food, whatever your health goals may be.”

Founder & CEO, Nicole Centeno
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When it comes to reaching your health goals and feeling good, it’s tough to know what to—or not to—eat. After struggling with an eating disorder, Nicole Centeno discovered the positive health benefits of one plant-based meal a day. Her expertise in nutrition, cooking, and biology inspired her to create Splendid Spoon: a program for everyone else sick of fad diets, and ready to improve their relationships with food.

Splendid Spoon is a satisfying plant‑based meal program that is ready-to‑eat, pre-portioned, calorie‑controlled, and made with only whole ingredients. It’s the most convenient way to shed unwanted pounds, feel healthy, and change the way you think about eating, for good.

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