We did it! 21 days of wellness in the books. How do you feel? We want to hear from you!

What is a favorite habit you’ve started during these 21 days that you’ll take with you for the rest of the year?

Show us your goal trackers! Post on social media with the hashtag #splendidglow so we can see your progress!

Week 3 Journal Reflection

  • Over the past 3 weeks I have learned…
  • Where have I succeeded these 21 days?
  • What habits will I continue for the remainder of the year?
  • I will celebrate today by…

Download your Week 3 Journaling Prompts here!

Here’s what our partners hope you all learned throughout these 21 days.

HUM Nutrition:

“We hope to inspire participants to reset and strive to achieve beauty from within this new year. To learn more tips from our expert RDs, participants can head to The Wellnest and our website to take a quiz with personalized product recommendations.”

True Botanicals:

“We hope the participant has learned how to create a natural-biocompatible skincare routine that works for their skin type. Skincare is truly a bio-science, where everything from the molecule size of an ingredient to the way that ingredient reacts to the sun and water needs to be considered. That’s why our baseline is natural-biocompatible: we use natural or nature-identical ingredients that are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and small-molecule so that the skin can easily absorb and use them. Working with researchers at leading universities, including Carnegie Mellon and Cornell, we work to leverage the very latest in anti-aging science and identify breakthrough botanical extracts known to be rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. We pack and squeeze as many of these biocompatible plant-actives into our formulas and then put them to the test in third-party clinical trials. We believe the results speak for themselves. Our products are clinically proven to outperform leading anti-aging skincare brands!”

Parsley Health:

“The power to be healthy is intuitive and it is very personal and it begins on the inside. Disease is when you need a doctor who can look at the root cause and give you the tools to help you get better. Having someone who can walk you through the steps and make it personal and sustainable in this world of over-information and misinformation is invaluable. Functional medicine is collaborative medicine and every human being wanting to optimize their health and well-being needs to have this approach and not simply get symptoms treated.” -Dr. Nisha Chellam

“I hope these small starting points can help the participant see how everything in the body is connected. One part can’t work independently of the others. Also, when your body is experiencing symptoms, that’s its way of trying to communicate with you it needs something. Try to carve out time to listen. After doing some of this foundational work, it is helpful to have a team come around and help navigate some of the more complex health concerns. There is so much information out there, and having people on your team help navigate all of it is imperative for success. At Parsley, that is what we do. We offer individualized care that will help support all of your health goals by focusing on the entire body, rather than one part.” -Amanda Perrin

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