Oh, Thanksgiving. How we adore you. The feasting, the thanking, the sharing, the stuffing. It’s a day to savor our traditions. The warm & fuzzy ones, like toasting and nomming with the folks we love. And the comical ones, like that canned, gelatinous cranberry blob of yore we’ve insisted on calling a “sauce.” Amidst the sea of pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and a certain bird whose name starts trending as soon as November rolls around, we want to reflect on how we can celebrate Thanksgiving without sacrificing lean, green, compassionate living.

Tomorrow, you can make small changes to make more room in your heart (and on your plate) for gratitude!

The great thing about traditions, especially ones involving food, is that they constantly evolve and adapt with our changing lives and curious tastebuds.

Maybe your family is far away? That’s fine, “Friendsgiving” is all the rage. Maybe you eat plants not turkeys? Even better, as that iconic centerpiece has totes been subverted by not-so-sidelined dishes like these. And these. Oh, let’s not forget about these.

It doesn’t have to be hard to eat healthy, delicious food during the holidays, despite all of the buttered sweets and braised centerpieces.

Between mashed sweet potatoes, spiced squash, veggie roast, and mushroom bacon (wait, mushroom BACON?), there’s a plant-based recipe for practically any craving you might have. And if it’s hard to make better choices in the moment, amp-up before the holidays with a pretox or reset with a detox after. Combat the turkey coma and sugar crash with veggies, vitamins, and nutrients formulated for your optimum health with soup!

We set aside this time of the year to give thanks, to share love, and to celebrate authentic living despite the myths that surround us. When some of our traditions are rooted in inequality and suffering, and when the star of our food celebration makes our bodies and the planet sick, it’s time to rethink how we celebrate — and to acknowledging where we’ve gotten it wrong so we can get it right.

Experiment with your traditions by reading a poem by a Native American poet with your friends and family, making homemade gifts instead of buying more “stuff,” and sponsoring a turkey instead of eating one.

We find ourselves in a great moment of change in the way we eat food, the way we do life, and in the way we cultivate relationships. Take more moments to be mindful (it’s an overused term, but hear us out!) with your time, and be good to your body and soul.

Practice less screentime, aimlessly scrolling. Incorporate healthy living and eating into your activities like hiking with friends, going to the park, or doing a group cleanse with your besties. It’s time to start indulging in your health and emotional well-being!

Every moment is an opportunity to become more aware of the world around you, and to embrace change (it’s key to embracing your Splendid self). This moment is one to be thankful for: we get to celebrate happiness. We get to live with open hearts. We get to create, build, and innovate. We get to eat for pleasure, eat for the health of our bodies, and work to keep our planet clean and vibrant.

From our kitchen to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!