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Feelin’ like 2019 is going to be your best year yet? Us too. We chatted with life coach, yoga teacher, biz consultant, and girlboss, Shanna Tyler, about starting the year off right.

A new year calls for both celebration and intention. In 2019, we can bring more wellness into our lives that will help us radiate not only on the inside, but also on the outside. There are so many amazing practices, mindsets, and routines that we can implement into our lives to start off our new year on the best foot.

Whether celebrating what you currently have or building new intention behind simple daily routines, these five tips will help you be well on the inside and out in 2019.

  1. Write a Daily Gratitude List to Kickstart Your Day.
    A gratitude journal is one of the most impactful, positive practices that you can bring into the start of your year. You’ll be ready to conquer any fear and crush any doubt with an attitude of gratitude!

Start with an empty notebook, and get into the habit of jotting down between 5–10 things you’re grateful for each day. I strongly recommend doing this in the morning to set a positive tone for the rest of your day. A focus on looking at what’s going right will help overcome your perception of what might be going wrong later in the day.

Not only does gratitude allow you to have a mindset shift on the rest of the day, but it also enables you to problem solve what you can make better! When you start off with what’s right, you don’t want anything to infiltrate those good feels. You’ll be able to better strategize seemingly “bad” situations and turn them into better ones!

2. Create a Money Mantra to Guide Your Finances.
Merging money and mantras is a powerful formula for financial wellness.

This January, start off by writing down all of your financial goals. Whether it’s building up your savings account or investing in the stock market, we all have ways we want to improve our relationship to money. One of the first steps is setting a solid and concrete mindset that will guide us into achieving our money goals!

Once you write down what your goals are, you can then create one sentence mantras that encompass their sentiments. Some great examples are my very own “I’m a budget-having, client-attracting, money-saving kween!” or “I love money and am able to save money for the future.”

Whatever your mantra is, make sure that it pumps you up and motivates you to guide your finances into your desired result!

3. Build a Support System of Like-Minded People.
There’s nothing like a solid support system on your side. In 2019, invest in building a support system of people just like you. They should have the same goals, dreams, visions, and be able to inspire you to be your best self.

Some of the best ways to build that system is by attending local events found on Eventbrite, taking skill-based classes at your local community college, or even hanging out at a local bar that has that arcade game that you love! Once at these places, you can easily strike up conversation based on mutual interests.

If you already have a solid support system, you can expand on it! Maybe make it more close-knit by setting up monthly coffee-chats or weekly virtual dates. Support systems don’t always have to be in person; they can be online too!

4. Set a Morning and Nightly Routine that Feeds Your Soul.
When you have a routine, you establish a sense of consistency and safety that feels amazing on a deeper level. The most important times of the day are the ones when you wake up and fall asleep, making them the perfect opportunities to feed your soul.

A morning routine can include a wide range of activities, which can include waking up to your gratitude journal, eating a nourishing breakfast, and/or dancing in your pajamas. The way you begin your day can be set into a sequence of events that light you up! This makes sure your soul is fed before you step foot outside.

Your nightly routine can look like taking time for a face mask, sipping a warm cup of tea, and/or reading a chapter of your favorite book. Get your body ready for sleep by resetting into your calmest state.

5. Eat with Intuition and Intention with Every Meal.
Let’s be honest: you have to eat. But it can be hard to think about food when you’re at your hungriest, wanting to devour any meal you can find and rushing through your plate. In 2019, aim to eat with intuition and intention at every meal.

Eating with intuition means truly listening to what your body wants and knowing what fuels it the best. It can mean opting for that protein-packed meal after exerting your body at the gym, or treating yourself to that sweet snack when you haven’t had a taste bud party in a long time!

While eating with intuition is listening to the body, eating with intention is being in tune with your mind. Intentionally eating means picking up the fork, watching the food before it comes into your mouth, and experiencing every bit of flavor. Intently focusing on our food is something you may remember not do very often (I know I don’t!) but it’s a practice you can bring into this new year!

A new year calls for new beginnings, routines, and intentions. What will you take with you into the new year? I know I’m taking my plant-based Splendid Spoon meals into my eating with intuition and intention goal in 2019!

Be sure to check out Shanna’s blog, listen to her podcast, and find her helping entrepreneurial women build their brand on her Instagram, @shannatyler_!