A simple mindful eating practice is an easy way to routinely create a calm space in our day. It takes just five minutes of eating with mindful focus to increase energy, boost mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

We created this recorded meditation with our friends at Awaken. In these five minutes we’ll probe into the sensations we call “hungry” and “full”. What does it actually feel like to be hungry? How does this feeling change as we eat?

Before you rush into it, prepare your meal and sit down with your headphones in and other distractions removed. It’s time for the most therapeutic lunch break.

Feel calmer? That’s thanks to Ravi at Awaken!

Awaken combines meditation, contemplation, and journaling. The practices are taught by leading teachers at the intersection of meditation and social change. They offer a community-centric practice of mindfulness for transforming ourselves and our world. Learn more and snag discounted memberships through their Kickstarter campaign: check it out here.