A simple mindful eating practice is an easy way to routinely create a calm space in our day. It takes just five minutes of eating with mindful focus to increase energy, boost mood, and reduce stress and anxiety.

We created this recorded meditation with our friends at Awaken. In these five minutes we’ll focus on giving gratitude for the meal in front of us, and notice how this practice makes us feel.

Before you rush into it, prepare your meal and sit down with your headphones in and other distractions removed. It’s time for the most therapeutic lunch break ever.

Feel calmer? That’s thanks to Ravi at Awaken!

Awaken is a social meditation app that brings mindfulness practices to our entire lives, from our food and human relationships to work, culture, and politics. Led by Shastri Ethan Nichtern, Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, and Lama Rod Owens — teachers at the forefront of the intersection of Buddhism and social change — we unravel unconsciousness wherever it arises, and awaken to the totality and fullness of our experience. Check us out at whynotawaken.com.