Tapping into our five senses can be done through physical practices. But how can we tune into our sixth sense? Our intuition and energy are powerful forces that reveal our inner truth so we can grow and live our fullest life.

To find out how our sixth sense can enable us to live life “awakened”, we spoke to clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, and founder of The Awaken Method, Christine Agro.

Splendid Spoon: Hi Christine! Tell us about your journey to becoming a spiritual teacher.

Christine Agro: Hi! When I was seven I started getting premonitions. They were always of events that caused pain or fear. I would relay them to my family. However, sharing never changed the outcome, and only confused people.

After one premonition, my brother called me a freak. It was hurtful so I shut my power down. But that only led to problems. When we shut off an aspect of who we are, it screams to be heard. As a teenager, I had a beautiful connection to my inner truth, and recognized that I couldn’t be anybody but myself.

I spent my twenties searching for something I felt was missing. I read a lot and dabbled with tarot and divination. One day I was in a class called “You, The Psychic”. We ended with a psychometry exercise, which is when you hold an object and read its energy.

I was with a woman I didn’t know. She handed me a ring. I held it and saw her pacing. I felt her anger. I felt how crushed she was. I relayed this to her. She looked scared and snatched the ring back. She told me her fiancé had cheated on her and that was her engagement ring.

Her reaction was similar to my brother’s, but this time, instead of backing off, I went home and journaled about how I intended to learn to use and control my power. Six years later I found a program that helped me understand and develop my clairvoyance.

We can all tap into our higher senses, but how we use them is unique to every person. My gift is seeing and sharing simple universal truths that inform our lives, and enabling people to see themselves from a spiritual perspective, and thereby live a life that flows.

SS: How did you create The Awaken Method?

CA: The Awaken Method evolved out of my own daily practice, which started with my training at the Inner Connection Institute in Denver. It’s focused on the simple, powerful process of grounding and managing your own space.

I’ve adapted it over time, but the method is still a simple daily practice that helps you create flow, be present, and manage your energetic space, so you can live life awakened.

SS: How do we figure out where we’re stuck in our life?

CA: The process of living can sweep us up. Whenever our life isn’t flowing, there are lessons to learn and things to heal. Stuck energy can be anything from questioning our relationships, to not liking our job, to that elusive sense that there is something ‘more’ but we can’t put our finger on what.

When I work with people, I teach them to align with their own spirit. Our spirit has our game plan: it knows why we’re here, what we’re working on, and what our purpose is. When we step into alignment, our spirit is no longer stuck.

When we’re in alignment, we automatically quiet the mind, ego and emotions. We may only be able to stay aligned for a moment at first, but we can build our figurative alignment muscle so that being aligned becomes our norm. This video explains this alignment tool.

SS: Our energy changes with our environment. How can we improve the energy in our space?

CA: The energy around us has such a big impact on how we feel and behave. We rarely assign our experiences or feelings to the energies of others. If you’re energetically sensitive, start to consciously notice and identify what’s yours and what isn’t.

If someone responds to you in a negative way, and, as the day goes on, you find you’re holding onto and reliving that experience, you’re responding to their energy: that’s their judgement, anger, resentment, and frustration. When we start to consciously recognize what is ours and what isn’t we can start to choose whether to absorb this energy or not.

SS: How do you stay grounded in your daily life?

CA: I use The Awaken Method process daily. These tools make a simple but powerful daily meditation. Sometimes I just set up my space and sit there, sometimes I set up my space and look at things, clear things, or set out my intentions for what I want to create. I try to find an hour a day to meditate, but if I can’t do that, I will always find time to ground and align myself.

SS: How can we use the moon’s cycles to our own energetic benefit?

CA: I use the New Moon to set out my intentions and plant the energetic seeds of what I want to create. I use the Full Moon to cast off that which doesn’t serve me: to release, let go, and forgive myself and others. I think of it as energetic house cleaning.

SS: What’s the first step we can take to start our journey of awakening?

CA: Follow the threads! The threads are those moments when you’re inspired to move in one direction or another. Sometimes we receive them directly, sometimes they come through messages like repeating numbers or something someone says that catches your attention. Sometimes they’re found in friends or loved ones or our animal friends. I can’t tell you how many clients and students I have whose awakening began because of their animal!