A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. Mindful eating is a simple and straightforward way to begin. Follow one of these exercises before your meal, and steadily find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

Give Gratitude

Prepare your meal. Remove any distractions. Sit down.

Look at your full Bowl. Think about all the ingredients and the work put into getting them here: from the farmer who grew the crops, to the chef who cooked the meal, to the carrier who delivered it to your door. Express gratitude for it.

As you Spoon, give gratitude to the people who bought this nourishing meal to you, and to yourself for choosing to fuel your body with these nourishing ingredients. When you’ve eaten enough, and feel energized, pause.

Look at your Bowl. Express gratitude for what you just ate. Honor the meal and how it’s made you feel. Take five deep breaths focused on this gratitude.