Move over January… February is really the best month to start your new year’s resolutions. We’ll tell you why.

The first month of the year starts off with a universal hangover, and few of us are in the right headspace to implement real life change. At the close of the holiday season, all we really want to do is go back to bed.

If you took time (say, an entire month?) to plan out your goals for 2016, you’re ahead of the curve and destined for success. And our 30 Day Challenge is the perfect plan to help you start new habits, feel great, and transform your life with easy peasy changes every day.

No torturous bootcamps.

No starvation diets.

And NO counting calories.

Just pure, plant-based health, wellness, and a crew of new friends to cheer you on each week!

Give us February, and we’ll give you four weeks of souping to establish a real connection between your intention and your habits, revealing a stronger body, a more peaceful mind, and ownership of your well-being.

The key to success is in the first 4 weeks: if you master the 30 Day Challenge, you’ll establish the connection between your intentions and actions. This connection is the key to revealing inner confidence, strength, and increased potential.

Every week of the 30 day challenge is rooted in our Weekly Soup Cleanse program: 1 full day of souping, 5 days of single meal soup swaps, 1 day of no rules, repeat.

Get started here.