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The anti-aging marketing in the US is estimated to be over $14 billion in 2020.* This is most attributed to anti-aging skincare and plastic surgery. But what if you could save money, and still protect against your body’s aging effects? We spoke with Kim Rose, RDN, about her recommendations for healthy aging, no procedures or expensive products needed.

Do you want to know the secret to graceful aging? No, there's not a magic potion and you do not have to get fillers or go under the surgical knife to achieve it. It's all natural, and much easier than you might think. The secret to aging with grace involves some of the items you may have in your home right now! More precisely, in your refrigerator.  

People are now living longer lives. A longer life brings with it many assets, but some people may not want to gain the physical look or feel of their biological age. I know I sure don’t. The biological process of aging impacts the cells of the body. The largest organ of your body, the skin, is made up of billions of cells, and all these cells are affected by aging. This is why mature skin starts to sag in places it once did not. Collagen and elastin, which are responsible for our intrinsic fountain of youth, are produced at a much slower rate as the body ages. Aside from this, the foods we eat can result in irreversible degradation of elastin and collagen.

Glycation is a reaction process in which excess molecules from sugar bind to a protein or fat, forming an Advanced Glycation End Product (A.G.E.). Seared steaks, cookies and toasted marshmallows are only some of the many foods that have undergone glycation. The accumulation of A.G.E. molecules from foods like these causes a breakdown in collagen and elastin, which results in ageing of the skin. A.G.E. not only impacts the skin, but it also promotes inflammation, causes complications for people who have diabetes, and may even be linked to heart disease and kidney disease. Scary, right?

But don’t fret, there are foods you can eat that will actually help your skin. Plants to the rescue! Foods high in vitamins C and E have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage, even from those A.G.E. rich foods. Foods containing Vitamin C and E are citrus, strawberries, nuts, squash, oils and seeds. One easy way to get these foods into your diet is a Splendid Spoon Low-Sugar Strawberry Goji Smoothie, which is loaded with vitamin C. Also, the Moroccan Spiced Buckwheat Bowl has both butternut squash and olive oil which are loaded with vitamin E. These items, and others in the Splendid Spoon product lineup, are also packed with fiber. Fiber helps to promote a feeling of fullness, helps in controlling blood sugar levels for people who have diabetes, and may even aid in weight loss.

Foods predominantly found in the plant kingdom are full of antioxidants. A plant-based diet has so many health benefits for the skin and body. Let me tell you about Noelle**. Two months ago, Noelle came to me frustrated and confused. She was literally at her wit’s end because she was a busy millennial professional, working long hours during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and was suffering from eczema and high blood pressure. She was simply confused about what to eat in order to help her body cope with all of that stress.

After working with Noelle for two months, and increasing the amount of fiber-rich antioxidants in her diet, she was able to totally come off of 1 and a half of her 2 blood pressure medications. Additionally, she saw improvements in her overall skin health. I can tell you similar stories about other clients who have diabetes, kidney disease, and weight problems (to name a few) who have transitioned to a plant-powered diet, and the fact remains: a plant-based diet can work wonders. Remember, one of the keys to aging gracefully and meeting your health and wellness goals is to thoughtfully consider the foods you eat. Give your kitchen a makeover and load it with high-fiber, antioxidant rich foods. Your body will thank you.

Ready to give plants a try? We’re here to make things easier (and get your skin glowing again). Get started today with plant-based meals delivered to your door, no meal prep required!

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**name changed to protect client identity