Best Habit Tracker Apps

Ok, so you’ve decided you’re going to pick up a new healthy habit. But you’re also incredibly busy AND incorporating a habit into your daily routine is hard. So what’s next? How do you build a healthy habit that lasts? Don’t fret - we’re here to help you build habits you can actually keep. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best apps to help you on your habit-building journey. #busycanbehealthy

Healthy eating habits are some of the most popular to commit to. We’re happy to offer an easy way to focus on good eating habits with our 3 different weekly plans. Now, back to the best habit tracker apps:

1) Habitica

This simple habit app turns task management and goal setting in a fun video game! It helps you gamify daily tasks or habit-building steps, and as you mark each task complete, you earn badges that can be redeemed for prizes. Sound fun? It gets better - you can challenge friends to compete by “battling monsters.” If either of you slack off, you could both take steps back which neither of you want. Just like that, you are closer to actually building a lasting, healthy habit.

2) Headspace

You’re busy and stressed. We get it. Headspace is an app built to teach mindfulness meditation to even the busiest of busy bees. Meditation has been shown to help reduce stress, sleep more soundly and focus more on what is important to you. In just a few minutes a day, Headspace teaches you the life changing skills of guided meditation. Auuummmmm.

3) StickK

StickK helps you achieve your smart goals by helping you create a Commitment Contract. There is a difference between goal setting and actually achieving that goal or building that habit - that’s where this contract comes into play. This app helps you define your goal, acknowledge the process for how you will achieve it, and leverage your power to turn that goal into your reality.

4) Mint

No one ever said budgeting was easy. But Mint actually helps make it easier. Do yourself a favor and download this app. They help you manage all of your finances in one place, and the more accounts you link, the more capabilities they have to help you. From monthly budgeting to payment reminders to free credit score calculations, you’ll feel like a money wiz in no time. Healthy wallet, healthy mind (that’s a saying right?).

5) Streaks

Snapchat streaks are addicting - we all have that one friend or family member that has a series of streaks well over 1,000 days. Well, take that same energy and use it toward forming good habits. Streaks is a to-do list that helps you stay on track. Each day that you complete your tasks, your streak is extended. You can customize up to twelve tasks that you want to be sure to complete, whether it be walking the dog, eating your veggies, flossing, or getting more sleep.

Whatever your 2020 goals are, whether they be to eat more plants, get more exercise, stop watching so much TV, or to just have some more “me time,” these 5 apps will help you stay on track. Looking for a way to keep or start healthy eating habits? Get started today with Splendid Spoon’s ready-to-eat plant-based meals that make healthy eating a breeze.

Curious about the stages of habit formation? Check out our blog post, written by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, registered dietitian, on the three main phases of habit formation.