We’re making a few changes in the Splendid Kitchen and we want to keep you, our incredible Spoon Crew, in the know about updates to meals you know and love!

Improved Recipes: Power Greens & Banana Flax Smoothies

We’ve heard you loud and clear — that’s why we’ve improved the recipes of some of your most beloved smoothies: the Power Greens & Banana Flax. We’ve removed the coconut oil from the Power Greens and the probiotics from the Banana Flax to offer you a more consistently delicious experience. You will start to see these in your boxes the 3rd week of March, so add them now!

Introducing: The Improved Reset

This April, we're adding the Garden Minestrone Soup & Lentil Kale Soup to our 1-Day Reset. These heartier additions will add variety and satiety to your Reset Day. With this change, we’re saying goodbye (for now!) to the Parsnip Apple Puree & the Pumpkin Pear Bisque. You’ll still be able to customize your Reset with these meals for a few more weeks, so get them now!! Don’t worry — since they’re some of our customer favorites, the Garden Minestrone and Lentil Kale will be available in our Soup category as well.

Have you tried the newest additions to our menu?

Meet the Comfort Collection — 2 new noodle bowls that are becoming instant favorites.

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