There are plenty of reasons to rethink your Monday and make it meatless. Eliminating meat from your diet once a week is a fantastic way to eat healthier with more compassion and awareness. But a lot of vegetarian meals go heavy on the eggs and cheese to make up for the lack of meat, with few vegetables to be found… turning “plant-based” into “dairy-based.”

Maybe you’ve been told that plants don’t provide you with the protein you need, but we’re here to bust that myth. Step aside eggs and cheese, because we outlined 4 protein sources that you can try on your next Meatless Monday — or should we say, Plant-based Monday. After all, eating a plant-based meal is the easiest, most delicious way to reduce your carbon footprint, avoid animal cruelty, and get more nutrient dense veggies in your life.

Beans & Legumes:

Not only are beans protein giants, they’re also high in fiber and antioxidants. That means you get the protein you need plus rich plant-based vitamins and nutrients.
1 cup Black beans: 15 g
1 cup Lentils: 18 g
1 cup Soybeans: 29 g
1 cup Chickpeas: 15 g


Gone are the days of low-fat diets. Nuts provide you with healthy fat and protein, and this killer combination will keep you satisfied for hours.
1 oz Black Walnuts: 7 g
1 oz Almonds: 6 g


Here’s something to chew on: a seed provides all the necessary nutrients that a plant needs to grow strong and tall. Just imagine what it can do for you! Take advantage of all the protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that seeds provide to help you stay fuller longer.
¼ cup Hempseed: 20 g
½ cup Sunflower Seeds: 5 g
¼ cup Chia Seeds: 8 g
¼ cup Flax Seeds: 10 g


You wouldn’t typically think of grains as a great source of protein, but it turns out there are plenty of them that are not only sources of slowly digestible carbohydrates, but protein as well!
½ cup Steel-cut Oats: 14 g
1 cup Wild Rice: 7 g
1 cup Quinoa: 8 g
1 cup Amaranth: 8 g

Still worried that you won’t get enough protein on your Meatless Monday? Turns out, we might be eating too much protein. The new dietary guidelines indicate that men and boys consume more protein than they need, and it’s possible you may be, too. One way to avoid eating too much of one nutrient or another is to eat a wide array of colors and textures found in the plant world. Use your Meatless Mondays as an excuse to eat adventurously and try new dishes you’ve never had before. Or choose foods you wouldn’t normally buy to experiment with plant-based dishes in your own kitchen.