We are so looking forward to the holidays: delicious food, a moment to relax, and time spent with family and friends. However, we’re dreading that post-holiday hangover. Avoid the groggy feeling which lingers between now and New Year’s Day with these mindful eating practices.

Eat the Rainbow

Colorless, carbohydrate-heavy food dominates during the holidays — don’t fall victim to these beige temptations! Put as many different colors as possible on your plate so you can rest assured that you’re eating a balanced meal filled with nourishing foods.

Stay Seasonal

Squash, leafy greens, and citrus are abundant right now. By eating seasonal produce, you’ll be better equipped to stay well throughout the holidays. Nature creates produce that provides us with what we need at that moment. Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits fight winter colds; folate-filled leafy greens help produce serotonin to ward of depression; and vitamin A-heavy winter squash boost your immune system.

Balance Alkaline & Acid

Sugar, alcohol, and meat-heavy holiday foods increase acidity in our bodies. Balance out this environment by adding alkaline-forming foods such as lemons and leafy greens to your diet. These foods will help you feel less heavy and hungover, boost energy, and help your body better protect itself.

Don’t Skip Meals

Fasting before a big meal to prepare for the oncoming over-indulgence leads to overeating. If you know you’ll be feasting one day, don’t skip breakfast to compensate. Foregoing meals only causes cravings for unhealthy foods, and excessive eating when they arrive. Instead, have a wholesome breakfast (we recommend complex carbohydrates to boost serotonin levels and keep you full), and snack on fruits, vegetables, and nuts throughout the day.


When it’s cold out, it’s hard to stay hydrated. However, drinking enough water is key to helping you stay well throughout winter. Too cold for a glass of water? Hydrate with herbal, green, or black tea. These hot drinks also lower cortisol levels, helping you stay calm and relaxed. We also love drinking hot water with fresh ginger and lemon to ward off colds and infections.

Since thirst and hunger are easily confused, hydrating can save you from overeating as a result of body-brain miscommunication. Whenever you feel hungry, have a drink. It will often resolve that empty feeling, so you can avoid consuming excess calories.

You can also boost your energy levels by staying hydrated. If you feel lethargic over the holidays (probably a result of all the food and drink), increase your water intake for a sustained kick, without the need for more coffee.

Sleep Well

Too much holiday partying, alcohol, and food all contribute to bad sleeping patterns. Try to get eight hours sleep as often as you can: studies have shown that when we’re tired we consume more calories, and turn to less healthy food. Sleeping well results in more mindful eating habits.

The temptations and distractions of the holidays make it easy to lose touch with what our bodies need. Stay mindful, focus on your health, and eat well. This way, your holiday season will be free from lethargy and exhaustion, and filled with energy and joy. Give thanks to your body by taking care of it: it will support you, love you, and be grateful for your attention.

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