Shopping, travel, family time. Feeling overwhelmed this Thanksgiving week? We hear you. Our team has compiled 6 tips to help you feel your best this Thanksgiving.

1. Eat breakfast

Instead of skipping meals on Thanksgiving, start your day as usual. You’ll enjoy your meal more and feel better if you’re not ravenous going into it.

2. Balance your plate

Instead of restricting yourself with certain foods, just add MORE vegetables, protein and whole grains to your plate.

3. Bring your own dish

If you’re not hosting and unsure of what’s on the menu, bring your own dish with ingredients you love - chances are, other guests will appreciate it too!

4. Get moving

Start your day with a run or go for a walk after you eat with your family. Getting in activity will help you digest the big meal.  

5. Don’t forget the H2O

It’s likely you’re consuming more sodium on Thanksgiving so it’s important to drink lots of water - it will help alleviate bloat and keep you energized!

6. Treat your gut with some love

Your gut health is essential for good digestion. Turmeric, ginger, & apple cider vinegar are all ingredients that help support digestion. Try our Digestion Shot for a mix of the 3!