Our guiding light at Splendid Spoon has always been our community. We are motivated to make Americans' lives healthier, easier, and less stressful through ready-to-eat plant-based meals, and now more than ever we see how important easy nourishment is.

During this time of crisis, we as a brand have been thinking of ways to help the healthcare workers on the front lines who have been risking their lives battling COVID19. They work long hours, put themselves at risk, and show up in the name of something bigger than themselves -- the health of the broader population. Alongside #FoundersGive, a streamlined approach for brands to donate to hospitals in NYC, we launched three new give-back initiatives to supply hospitals, medical workers, and our community with nutritious smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and Wellness shots.

Operation Give-Back

We’re partnering with #FoundersGive to supply 4,200 smoothies and 750 wellness shots and counting to hospitals, first responders and medical workers in the NYC area starting this week through mid-May. The need is there and we are so happy we can help.

“Right now, Founders Give is the largest donor of food and beverage to New York City hospitals. For many, we’re the main source of food — period.” - Cole Riley, Head of Founders Give

Gift Healthcare Workers At-Cost

We’re selling smoothie and soup boxes at-cost, that you can gift to healthcare workers in your community. Now more than ever, healthcare workers need nutritious, easy meals.

“Thanks so much for your delivery. I am a healthcare worker and knowing that I can get healthy food delivered to my door is such a relief. The less we have to go out the better! - Karen P.”

Feed Your Friends and Family

We’ve launched a new Stock Up Box (with next day shipping!) to deliver Splendid Spoon in bulk with no subscription required. Send to loved ones (or yourself)!

You can find recent, in-depth  coverage of Splendid Spoon’s initiatives during the time of Coronavirus in the WSJ.

We are truly grateful to our incredible frontline workers and to our community for continuing to stay positive and supportive through this uncertain time. With the situation evolving quickly, we all must do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). For many of our customers, that means finding new rhythms of life at home. We know that you are counting on us to keep you nourished and healthy during this time, so we want to keep you updated as it relates to our operations and meals.

Questions? Email [email protected].