We’re thrilled to announce upgrades to all our soup recipes, elevating the flavors, textures, and overall quality:

  • Recipes include richer, more consistent textures, and firmer more toothsome vegetables.
  • More sustainable packaging that reduces waste by 20%, similar to our upgraded noodle bowls
  • Handy single-serve portions based on FDA guidelines and customer feedback – our new labels show complete nutritional information for each bowl.
  • You may notice some nutritional changes - please check packaging for latest details.

Check out what's new with your favorites

Channa Potato

This creamy, curry-spiced favorite now features a thicker broth showcasing savory potatoes and protein-packed chickpeas. It's beautifully balanced with a deeper, rounder flavor.

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Lentil Dal

This aromatic version features a pureed lentil base with crisp carrots, capturing the soul-warming essence of dal.

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Beans & Greens

We amplified the flavor in this fiber-rich soup while retaining a smooth, creamy texture. Each spoonful is deeply satisfying.

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Carrot Lentil Curry

The lentils are more pureed in this version of our coconut curry lentil soup, creating a thicker broth while retaining its warming spice flavor profile that is balanced by sweetness from the coconut milk.

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Green Tomatillo Chili

Tangy tomatillos partner with protein-rich tofu and white beans in this bright, flavor-packed chili. Tart and spicy in perfect balance.

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Cauliflower Tikka

The same flavorful spices envelop bites of riced cauliflower in this version. Mildly spiced with a hint of creaminess, the smaller cauliflower pieces really soak up the aromatic tomato base sauce.

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Lentil & Kale

This version features the same protein-rich lentils, now more pureed creating a thicker broth, along with crunchy carrots and hearty kale combined for a simple, soul-warming soup.

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Tomato Quinoa Chili

This features the same medley of beans and quinoa in a sweet, smoky tomato broth. Warmth in every spoonful.

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We continuously improve recipes based on your valued input. Can’t wait to get your feedback on these latest creations! Let us know what you think.