A 15 minute daily mindfulness practice helps us find happiness and peace in our lives. Mindful eating is a simple and straightforward way to begin. Follow one of these exercises before your meal, and steadily find your way to increased energy, elevated mood, and less stress.

Count Your Chews

Prepare your meal. Remove any distractions. Sit down. Close your eyes. Take five deep breaths.

Before you start eating, pick a number as your focal point. This number will be how many times you chew each Spoonful (Buddhists aim for 30, we like 12).

As you Spoon, count your chews. Notice if your mind wants you to chew and count faster. Can you slow down? Can you ease into the rhythm of counting and nourishing?

Between each mouthful, put your Spoon down and take a breath. Any time your mind wanders off, guide it back to your counting. This repetitive practice helps you focus on the present moment.

When you’ve had enough, pause. Take five deep breaths. Know that this practice brings peace to your body and mind.