You asked, we answered. More grain bowls! Meet the Coconut Curry Rice bowl! This brightly colored bowl is sure to be your new favorite, with delicious and comforting curry flavors.

Check out our newest addition to the Splendid menu:

Coconut Curry Rice Bowl with Kale and Cashews

Introducing your new favorite alternative to takeout. Tastes like the vegetable curry your go-to Thai restaurant would make… but better (and better for you). Beautiful to look at and delicious to taste, this bowl is bright, tangy, and leaves you feeling cozy and satisfied. To sum it up: this bowl is the healthy alternative to a creamy Thai coconut curry dish to-go order.

Ingredient Highlight:
Chickpeas - Protect against injury and reduce inflammation.
Kale - Iron, Vitamin K, A, and E - Kale really has it all
Turmeric - Nature's best anti-inflammatory.

Per bowl nutrition facts: 440 calories, 14g protein, 10g fiber, 6g sugar

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