The September roundup is here! This month, you'll find us enjoying fall flavors and pumpkin-spiced recipes while we cook up some special events coming soon!

What’s On The Menu?

Fall Favorites

Fall is here and we’re of course celebrating with food! We polled our team and our Spoon Crew to find out what their go-to fall favorite Splendid meals are!

Splendid Spotlight

Johane’s Seasonal Produce Picks

Follow along with our Registered Dietitian, Johane, as she hits the farmer’s market for seasonal produce goodness!

The Ultimate Bowl Bracket

We love seeing which meal the Spoon Crew is loving! Thank you all for playing along with our weekly polls in our Ultimate Bowl Bracket voting. And the winner is… Vegetable Bolognese Grain Bowl! Want to join the fun? Join the Spoon Crew today!

Save The Date! Take The Day Off: Food, Focus, and Boundary Setting

10/13 - 12pm EST

Splendid Spoon and Mother Honestly invite you to strengthen your own foundation by taking a break from the day to day demands of managing kids, work, and everything in between, so you might cultivate deeper personal growth and ambition.

Join us for a FREE virtual event and learn how to create a better personal ecosystem — the role of the mind-body connection, boundary-setting, and gut health. Featuring thought leaders in mental and physical wellbeing, Shirin of Wholehearted Coaching, Johane of Wonderfully Nutritious, and Nicole Centeno founder of Splendid Spoon.

What We’re Cooking

3 Ways to Hack Your Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Everyone’s favorite fall treat is back – the Pumpkin Spice Smoothie!! We can’t get enough of this smoothie while it’s available, so we’re taking some time to celebrate all of the incredible hacks our team and customers have come up with for this fall treat!

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