Welcome to peak vacation. How can we stay healthy, find balance, and still enjoy ourselves while traveling? Health coach and yoga teacher, Marni Walker, shares her tips.

Splendid Spoon: Hi Marni! Do you change up your routine the week before a vacation?
Marni Walker: Hi! I typically focus on clean eating and detoxing both before and after vacation (although I like to keep my diet clean most of the time!) For me, this looks like more juicing, detox tea, green smoothies, and eating primarily plant-based fare. I also make sure to drink lots of water, and often infuse it with vitamin B or green tea.

SS: Do you prep food for travel?
MW: I tend to always have nuts or seeds and fruit in my bag. Plain popcorn is another go-to snack, and I often sip on kombucha. I also drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Another fun hack is to freeze your Splendid Spoon meals and pack them in your carry-on!

SS: What can we do to combat the effects of air travel?
MW: Water…Lots of it! I take my large water bottle and fill it up after I get through security — there’s never enough water available on the plane. I also take a great shea butter hand lotion and an essential oil roller to help me relax.

SS: How do you find balance between relaxing and feeling your best on vacation?
MW: I like to mix my vacations with activity and solid relaxation. A perfect and typical vacation for me includes biking, golf, yoga, and hiking, with some beach time mixed in. I even tried surfing with my daughters a few years ago and loved it!

SS: Are there certain foods you always avoid, even on vacation?
MW: I tend to keep my nutrition pretty clean, even on vacation. I almost always avoid anything processed and fried. You can have an amazing culinary experience without adding unhealthy foods to your diet.

SS: Can our diet help with jet lag?
MW: Absolutely! Water is a go-to for helping jet lag. I occasionally use melatonin if I’m taking long flights, and I try to quickly settle into a sleep schedule to help me adjust to the new time zone.

SS: Do you manage to disconnect from work? Any tips if we struggle to switch off?
MW: I use yoga to help me switch off and disconnect! It’s instant relaxation — a moving meditation. Breath work is an easy way to relieve stress if the physical part of yoga isn’t possible or is new to your routine.

SS: Any tips and tricks to keep our digestion in good health while traveling?
MW: I take a vegan prebiotic and probiotic which works wonders on my digestive system. I also add a vegan fiber powder to my smoothies or a glass of water. I try to ramp up my consumption high fiber fruits, like berries, and work a lot of greens into everything.

I also do a few yoga poses (like these) that contribute to healthy digestion — they’re easy and can be done anywhere! Yoga is a great way to keep your ascending and descending colon performing properly.

SS: What do you do to reset after a vacation?
MW: I take a transition day: it gives me the chance to catch up on paperwork, schedules, and household things. I take a yoga class in the morning to help reset and start my work week off in a calm, grounded way. I stock up on my clean foods, and try to keep a vacation mindset. It’s all about perspective!

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