We asked registered dietitian nutritionist, Kim Rose, RDN, for her recommendations for fueling workouts and refueling muscles using Splendid Spoon.

We've all heard the saying, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Though this phrase is cliche, there are still gems of truth packed into every morsel. Breakfast has the ability to make, especially if you're an active person. Breakfast can give you an energy boost, provide nutrients after a night of fasting (aka sleeping), and nourish your body before or after hitting the gym or Peloton. I get it--you may not be a breakfast person.

But know this: to make the most of your efforts, you ought to consider eating something 30 minutes to 1 hour before your morning workout that can (and will) fuel you and enhance your workout performance. Smoothies are an easy go-to option for pre-fueling. They're loaded with carbs and other nutrients to fuel your workout. In my opinion, smoothies are also easier to digest than the traditional "cut, chew and swallow" kind of meal.

Here are my favorites for every day of the week:


Sunday: Cacao Almond Smoothie

Monday: Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

Tuesday: Mint Chip Smoothie

Wednesday: Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Thursday: Power Greens Smoothie

Friday: Raspberry Cacao Smoothie

Saturday: Strawberry Goji Smoothie

However, if you want a pre-workout meal that is a bit more substantial, it's a good idea to add another protein source alongside your smoothie. This can be done in the form of an omelet or tofu scramble, multigrain toast with peanut butter, or oatmeal topped with a banana. There are many possibilities.

Lately, I have been a big--and do I mean a BIG--fan girl of toning; after all, summer is right around the corner. And if you're into toning or sculpting, the name of the game you want to play is to eat your protein and carbohydrates. These are two optimal nutrients for fueling and refueling your workout regimen. Protein is an essential nutrient because it is the building block of muscle. After you've lifted, squatted, or pulsed them out, you better believe your muscles need a little TLC. Carbs are also important.

During your workout, your muscles use up their carbohydrate reserve, so it's important you replace it. Properly fueling yourself post-workout can enhance recovery and build muscle. In other words, consuming a meal right after your workout that is higher in protein and carbohydrates is an important post-workout strategy. And don't take too long to eat after working out, because this can jeopardize your gains. If you can't eat immediately after working out, try to eat something within a 2 hour window.

Post workout, add the new Recovery Shot to any of the below meals to prevent sore muscles. And if you wondering what exactly to eat, here are my go-to's after an afternoon and/or evening workout to fuel muscles and maximize recovery.

Lunch / Dinner:  

Sunday: Vegan Meatballs & Marinara Noodles / Cuban Black Bean Bowl

Monday: Coconut Curry Rice Bowl / Green Tomatillo Chili Soup

Tuesday: Kimchi Fried Quinoa Bowl / Channa Potato Stew

Wednesday: Kale Pesto Noodles / Tuscan White Bean & Tomato Bowl

Thursday: Brown Rice Taco Bowl / Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

Friday: Green Goddess Quinoa Bowl / Moroccan Lentil Stew

Saturday: Beans & Greens Soup / Broccoli Hempseed Soup

Pro-tip: If you're eating one of the above meals post-workout, you may want to consider opting for the entire container, depending on how intense your workout was. And once again, pairing another protein source with your bowl is A-OK. For my flexitarians, try adding in grilled chicken, tuna or egg. For vegans or vegetarians, try adding in tempeh, seitan, or tofu to bowls that don't already contain those ingredients.

The bottom line is this: in order to have fun and maximize your workout performance and muscle recovery, pre-fueling and post-fueling are key. Taking these steps can go a long way in helping you achieve the results you've been looking for.

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