Here at Splendid HQ, we love to transform our beloved smoothies into delicious, spoonable bowls. Our Splendid smoothies already act as the perfect base for all your smoothie bowl needs, so all you need to do is top them with delicious and healthy ingredients!

Topping off our fave smoothies with different fruits, seeds, and grains not only adds nutritional value and texture to an already amazing breakfast, but it also encourages us to unleash our inner artist and get creative with toppings and presentation.

We’ve listed below steps for creating three of our current favorite smoothie bowls, but we encourage you to have fun with it! For even more topping inspiration, you can check out our Splendid-approved snacks here. Grab, pour, top, enjoy, repeat!

Carrot Ginger Chia Smoothie Bowl

The Carrot Ginger Chia Bowl is perfect for when you’re looking for something cinnamon-y and sweet. With mango and toasted coconut, it’s a tangy and tropical way to start your morning!


Top your smoothie to your heart’s content! Bonus: it's bright orange color is totally Instagram-worthy! Snap a pic and tag us - your friends will be beyond jealous.

Green Matcha Smoothie Bowl

The Green Matcha Bowl is our secret to early morning energy that lasts. With clean caffeine coming from matcha and healthy fat from pumpkin seeds to keep us full, this smoothie is definitely a match-a made in heaven!


Simply pour it into the bowl of your choice, top it off, and spoon!

Blackberry Basil Smoothie Bowl

The Blackberry Basil Bowl is our favorite beautifying breakfast. Not only is it the perfect smoothie bowl base (think thicker, more spoonable), but it's full of delicious nutrients! Rich in antioxidants from raspberries and cacao nibs, the Blackberry Basil Bowl helps fight free-radicals that can lead to dull and tired looking skin. You can think of this smoothie as a delicious addition to your morning skincare routine!


Are these smoothie bowls making you hungry for your own? Get started with Splendid Spoon today or add Breakfast onto your plan now. If you decide to make any of these smoothie bowls, tag us on Instagram @splendid.spoon! We look forward to seeing your creations.