There has been so much to celebrate this month: from Father's Day to Juneteenth, Pride Month to the sneak peeks of our newest items, we've been busy cooking up delicious meals and content for you all!

What’s On The Menu?

New & Noteworthy

This summer is the Summer of Smoothies! We’ve got MORE new smoothies on the way (get ready to see them in your boxes in a few weeks!) We can't wait!

Here are some Superfood ingredients to look out for:

Lucuma: a powder derived from a fruit native to the Andes often used as a natural sweetener that contains soluble and insoluble fiber - good for the gut!

Moringa: a medicinal tree that grows in tropical areas

Spirulina: algae that helps protect cells from damage

Chlorella: a freshwater algae that contains B vitamins which aid in growth and function of cells

Splendid Spotlight

Behind The Bowl: Kimchi Fried Quinoa

Our Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl is a fan favorite, but the story of this dish dates back further than our launch in 2021. Our Director of Food Innovation, Rene Lozzi, has been making this dish – or a version of it – for her partner Jesse Pierce for years. It is their favorite meal. So much so, it would be their choice for their last meal.

What We’re Cooking

Blue Majik Bark

This month, we’re featuring not only a Splendid Sweet treat, but also a Meal Hack! Audrey – a member of our Customer Experience team and vegan baking pro – turned our newest smoothie into a cold and tasty summer treat!

Learn how to make your own Blue Majik Bark here!

11 Plant-Based Summer Recipes from Our Fave LGBTQIA+ Chefs

We’re embracing the power of food to bring communities together, especially the celebration aspect of food. Celebrate Pride with these colorful, delicious, healthy summer dishes from a selection of our favorite LGBTQ+ chefs.

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