DanceBody is created by dancers for everyone.

We teamed up with DanceBody, dance-inspired fitness created by dancers, but intended for everyone, to provide you a complete fitness & nutrition program. Keep Moving - You're Ready! They launched their first curated 30-Day Programs, each with a specific focus: DanceBody, SculptBody, UpperBody, and LowerBody.

It takes time to build a habit and see real change, which is exactly what we believe in here at Splendid Spoon. We truly believe in the power and ease of plant-based eating, and work to make it easier for busy people to eat delicious and nutritious food! Unlike the meal kit space which focuses on cooking and dinnertime solutions, we’re the leader in building plant-based habits for your daily schedule (whether in the office, the studio or at home.) NO cooking, NO extra ingredients NO prep required.

DanceBody offers four separate 30-Day Programs.

We worked with DanceBody founder, Katia Pryce, to create Splendid meal plans for their 30-Day Programs. A former professional dancer, Katia Pryce created the workout she personally craved to obtain the long, lean, lines of a dancer while feeling strong and athletic. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, this nutrition plan was created to help fuel your workouts and decrease recovery time.

When it comes to reaching your health goals and feeling good, it’s tough to know what to—or not to—eat. After struggling with an eating disorder, Splendid founder Nicole Centeno discovered the positive health benefits of one plant-based meal a day. Her expertise in nutrition, cooking, and biology inspired her to create Splendid Spoon: a program for everyone else sick of fad diets, and ready to improve their relationships with food.

Breakfast and lunch delivered for the week!

New to Splendid Spoon? Click here to read How It Works and Your Official Guide to Spooning.

Here is the Splendid DanceBody 30-Day Program Nutrition Guide.

Three Levels of Suggested Splendid Plans

1) Breakfast + Lunch

2) Breakfast + Lunch + wellness shots

3) Breakfast + Lunch + Stock Up Box Bowls

Start your 30 days strong by following a week of Splendid meals, and see how your body changes!

Sunday = Prep Day

Monday - Friday = Smoothie + Bowl + Plant-Based Dinner Recipe

Saturday = On your own


Start your day off with a delicious plant-based smoothie. Our smoothies satisfy hunger, boost nutritional intake, and kick start metabolism — the best way to start your day. Significantly lower in sugar than your standard smoothie, and rich in protein and healthy fats.

With unique flavor offerings, you will never get bored of our breakfast smoothies.

Katia’s fave Splendid smoothies for pre or post workout include:


Our plant-based soups and grain bowls take the stress and uncertainty out of choosing a healthy lunch. Ready-to-eat and loaded with veggies, these feel-good meals are filling; which boosts your nutritional intake, and helps curb afternoon snacking. Curious how your body will react to eating more plants? Click here to read the 5 Totally Normal Effects of Switching to a Plant-Based Diet.

Our bowls are packed with flavor and nutrients to keep you satisfied longer!

Katia’s fave Splendid bowls for pre or post workout include:


Check out our Splendid-approved Pinterest board with easy, plant-based dinner recipes.

Vegan Caprese Pizza from Blissful Basil

Katia’s Fave Plant-Based Dinner Recipes:

Vegan Caprese Pizza

Vegan Bean Chili

Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

Vegan One Pot Vegetable Pot Pie Noodles

Vegan Burrito Bowl

General Tso’s Chickpeas

Spicy Kale and Coconut Fried Rice

From DanceBody founder, Katia:

After years of been a restricted eater and over-exerciser, it's paramount to me that I respect my body for being strong and able. That means using food as fuel for my DanceBody workouts in the proper way - not living in lack.  I've spent a long time looking for a food service that believed in my same principles for viewing food, at the same time, not sacrificing taste.

If there's one thing I know, if it doesn't taste good - we won't eat it! Nothing feels better than surrounding yourself by healthy, balanced choices so that all the "guess work" can be taken out. Splendid Spoon has made means an easier task, so that we can simply Keep Moving. Ultimately, the program is about improving your relationship with food so that you feel proud of what you are putting in your body.

Wellness Shots

Overall, we suggest 3-5 Wellness shots per week. Use them as an immunity boost or pre-workout zinger, these little shots of wellness are sure to keep you energized and healthy! Click here to read The Real Benefits of Wellness Shots According to an RD.

Cheers to immunity boosting ginger, oregano oil and citrus!

Timing is important

Timing of meals depends on when you workout. Check out Katia’s suggestions for what and when to eat depending on a morning, midday or evening workout.

Morning Workout 6am-8am

  • I’m a big fan of working out on an empty stomach, otherwise known as “fasted cardio." Why? I personally have felt the results from this, plus it allows you to truly communicate with your body in the purest sense. It just feels great!
  • Working out on an empty stomach can lead your body to use stored fuel, such as glycogen or stored fat. Not having a pre-workout snack as fuel before your workout will force your body into using what it has. This helps with those looking for assistance with weight loss.
  • Fasted workout doesn’t mean no water: stay hydrated please!
  • During our high intensity workouts, your appetite will be suppressed, so even if you feel a slight hunger pang beforehand, trust you won't 5 minutes into your workout!

Late Morning Workout 9am-12pm

  • During our workouts, blood rushes down to your limbs, which means it flows away from the stomach. If you just ate, your body will be forced to make a decision on where blood flows to - don’t put yourself in that position! After you eat, give yourself time to properly digest. By the time you're lacing up your sneakers, you should feel ready to give the rest of your body your full attention - not a full stomach!
  • Depending on your workout time and hunger level, make the right call so that your food can act as fuel!
  • It's totally fine to have your smoothie before your workout, just make sure you give it 60-90 minutes to settle. If you’re starving before your workout and need to fuel with the entire smoothie, think less fiber and protein, more sugar and carbs: going to drink the whole thing. Think less fiber, more sugar and carbs. I would recommend Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie, Orange Hibiscus Smoothie or Strawberry Goji Smoothie.

Late Afternoon - Evening Workout 12pm - 8pm

  • Depending on what time you’re working out, always give yourself enough time to digest! The worst feeling in the world is working out and feeling the food you just ate dancing along with you - no bueno!
  • When I’m working out later, I like to ensure I have a good breakfast, followed not far behind by a filling lunch. Give yourself at least 90-180 minutes if you are doing a high impact workout after eating a meal.
  • When I’m working out later in the day, I feel my body needs more time spaced between my last meal and my workout. Your metabolism is simply running at a lower speed with every passing hour as the day wears on.
  • I know most people will think “I’m going to have a big salad with protein and then workout after." That is actually the WORST mistake you can make. Trust me, I’ve made it several times myself. Protein, fiber, legumes, and roughage take longer for your body to process, so it is always better to replenish your muscles AFTER a workout, and to keep you full.
  • A great pre-workout snack if you’re ravenous? Something that will “lay flat”- meaning, not upset your stomach, like healthy carbs and sugars. Avoid citrus, roughage, fiber, legumes, spicy anything, dairy, chocolate, and coffee right before it’s time to workout. Also, don't have too much protein - save that for restoring your muscles after your sweat session.

In summary, here’s what Katia suggests you eat throughout the day.

Pick a smoothie for breakfast (6am-10am)

Higher carbs and sugar. Here are some smoothie suggestions:

Pick a Bowl for lunch (11am-2pm)

No beans or legumes at all before you workout. Two great options include:

Pick a Bowl for dinner (or cook your own!) (6pm-9pm)

More protein - beans/legumes are great at this point. We recommend:

Snack time

Snacks should be eaten at least 2 hours before workout.

  • Banana + PB
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Berries
  • Yogurt
  • Ezekiel bread w avocado
  • Popcorn

30 days to healthy habits! The only way to truly absorb the DanceBody movement into your body is by taking a consistent, structured approach. This includes proper nutrition, lots of hydration, and belief that you CAN do this. After 30 Days, expect to feel tremendous results in your body while feeling energized and accomplished.

Does this look like the meal plan for you? Get started today with our 40+ plant-based meals. Questions? Email [email protected]