7-day meal plan

Get your weekly routine on track! Kim Rose, RDN, created an entire step-by-step 7-day meal plan that will take the stress out of weekly prep.

Whether you’re just starting on your plant-based journey, or have already been with Splendid Spoon for a while, we could all use a hand staying on track sometimes. We worked with Kim Rose, RDN, to create an entire 7-day meal plan that outlines a week full of simple, healthy meals for you.

We believe that just a few small changes can create a lasting impact on your health. We aren’t a diet or a fad - Splendid Spoon helps you create a simple wellness routine that establishes sustainable habits.

Eating plant-based regularly can give you these superpowers:







To keep your busy schedule effortless, we offer ready-to-eat meals packed with plant-based nourishment, so you can have healthy meals ready-to-go whenever hunger strikes. This meal calendar incorporates Splendid Spoon staples, easy weeknight recipe ideas, and even dessert!

Whether you’re looking to hit reset on your eating habits, for easy dinner ideas, or are a busy Mom on-the-go, this schedule can work for you.

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